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Two friends meet outside Karlsruhe, in Schwarzwald. One is an explorer of galaxies far away, the other a

composer of fragments. Together they create a joie de vivre, arranging and deconstructing their creations,

their own formations.

Beneath their feet, a stone world rests against the living world, touching rivers, mountains, forest floors

and the first foot trails between Schwarzwald, Vosges Mountains and Naturpark Pfälzerwald.

This stone world is made of smooth subterranean rock that swirls and folds. Altered from its original

igneous by pressures a hundred thousand years strong. What was once sharp is now smooth. Lines

become curves, reversals. If you were to try read its origin, its strata, you would not tell which direction

the past flowed or the future began.

Âme’s singularity is derived from their strata – a catacomb of Frank Wiedemann and Kristian Beyer’s

symbiotic relationship. The inception of their 15+ year collaboration impossible to pinpoint, woven

among chance meetings, seminal introductions and unbridled curiosity. They are not so much defined

from their past but by what is to come.

In partnership, their dual counterparts are identified as part of their artistry: Frank the composer or

creative engine behind the live act and Kristian, the explorer as DJ – each of his marathon sets a voyage

and vision. Together their output is a synthesis in melodies, rhythms and arrangements that only an

honest, working kinship can cultivate.

Their label Innervisions is metamorphic of their expression and powers combined. Kristian's quest for

the new and Frank's dense production turned tangible in 2005. From influence to influential, shared

interests became a label, to publishing house, to the mythological Lost in A Moment parties, to a shop and

distribution company in Berlin under Muting the Noise and booking agency, Temporary Secretary.

Like atoms repeating an ancient structure, each entity shares Frank and Kristian’s defining

characteristics. Each new foray into the industry is beleaguered by the same attention to detail and

continual exploration of the music universe in that it is also revered.

Intentionally, every venture knows no bounds. Their musical quest existing as long as the opportunity for

new work does. Every composition, output and live performance a culmination of experience and

experiments, infinite.

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