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EASTEL is one of those women who take their destiny into their own hands. She is passionate about electronic music, a universe that gives a feeling of freedom, both physical and philosophical. In 2015, she decided to cultivate her passion as a means of expression and immersed herself in composition.

EASTEL became a DJ, producer, live performer and founded the label @HEARTSWHISPERS records in 2020.
She creates a unique style, mixing her emotions and inspirations, sometimes using her own voice, on an industrial techno.

As a DJ, she plays in many emblematic clubs such as Concrete, the Rex club in Paris or the Suicide Circus in Berlin and the Monasterio in Moscow. Not to mention her numerous shows in Eastern Europe and Asia with artists such as CLOUDS, Perc, AnD and SNTS...

During the confinement, EASTEL participated in the TV show The United Stream on Arte with Manu le Malin and performed twice at HÖR Berlin.

She also produced a remix for Paula Temple on Noise Manifesto and produced other tracks on Hard Vision, Occult Rhythms, Insane Industry, HARDCODE, Grounded.

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