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Faster Horses

Hailing from Liverpool but permanently based in Manchester, Faster Horses is an up and coming producer pushing a unique fusion of ethereal, trance tinged techno. Appearing seemingly out of nowhere with the first vinyl release of Seikan among immensely respected artists such as Vixen and Repro, he quickly began his career with a slew of releases and appearances around Europe, beginning with his debut gig in Berlin for Ismus.His sound focuses around a unique contrast of driving techno drums layered beneath peaceful, dreamlike synths and motifs, designed to put the listener in an energetic trance. His DJ sets follow a similar vision but with a more varied approach, meaning that Faster Horses has had the capacity to play a wide range of parties, from trance nights such as Space Trax to hard techno focused parties such as Teletech, even making a recent appearance at the revered Unfold. In his short career he has already ticked off many ‘bucket list’ clubs, such as Rote Sonne, Fold, Den Anden Side, Gotec Club and Radion.2023 is set to be an exciting year for the Horse, with EPs planned on labels such as Euromantic, Space Trax and Things We Never Did, and many more appearances across Europe and further afield.

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