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Venezuelan born Berlin based,Hyperaktivist has been shaking the scene in and outside Berlin, with hercharacteristically energetic sets, unleashing a new wave of fasterpsychedelic-tinged trance, tribal techno and old school house pulsations, oftenwith a cheeky nod to the 90’s rave era.

She started working for the development of club culture in hernative Venezuela since an early age. There, she co-founded SOLO, the first clubdedicated exclusively to electronic music in her hometown. After finishing a degreein mass media and journalism, she relocated in Berlin where she completed adiploma in sound engineering at the studios of the infamous Funk Haus.

In Berlin, she continues her work for the development of clubculture as the architect of not one but two vital community-focused clubnights.

Her first called Mess, MindfulElectronic Sonic Selections where she plays the role of organiser, resident andcurator. Mess, it’s a forward thinking club night with a focus on women, queerand transgender artist from diverse cultural backgrounds, dedicated to thecelebration of diversity Mess supports DIY club culture by working outdifferent collaborations with like minded collectives around the world. Messhappens at Ohm, the more experimental club from Tresor. With Mess,Hyperaktivist has created a unique event in Berlin, attracting loads ofattention for it’s contribution in pushing the conversation about diversity inthe city’s musical landscape becoming an important platform for moreunderrepresented communities to show their force.

Her second project is named: MalaJunta. Hyperaktivist, co-founded this club night alongside Dj Tool. They bothcurate, organise and are residents of the party, and since 2019 they have  welcomed D.dan as their third and newestresident. Mala Junta is considered one of Berlin’s fiercest undergroundqueer-techno parties, with a focus on inclusivity, Mala Junta approaches thefaster, groovier edges of dance music with an open mind and a relentlessspirit.

Hyperaktivist have directly influenceda shift in the scene, not only through introducing her hypnotising yet euphoricfresh sounds, but also by constantly advocating political values of equality& diversity at the forefront of her projects.

Since being selected as one of the Shape Platform for innovativemusic artists in 2016, she has been touring around the world. You can find herplaying from Berlin’s most renown clubs to all across Europe, USA and SouthAmerica, always bringing her characteristic energy and commitment to the dancefloors, merging genres with ease she takes influence both in her time spent inBerlin and South America.

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